'Kooky Cookery' serves up a smorgasboard of cullinary oddities

September 26, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Photo courtesy of Bryan Ballinger)
In 'Kooky Cookery,' Bryan Ballinger offers a collection of odd recipes from the past.

Sporting events present opportunities for some real cheesy eating: burgers, brats and beer are all part of the festivities. Some folks even veer from standard eats and serve something whacky – maybe a Frito pie? But for those who want to find recipes that are really out there, try the Kooky Cookery, a new collection of crazy recipes from years past. And it's not foodie-friendly fare - think, fish flavored Jello in a fish-shaped mold.

Bryan Ballinger, the man behind the collection of recipes, joined Eight Forty-Eight from his home in Indiana to share some of his favorite recipes. Ballinger teachers digital media arts at Huntington University, Indiana.