Listeners and filmmakers share impactful foreign films

September 30, 2011

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(Courtesy of the Chicago International Film Festival)
Founded by Michael Kutza, the Chicago International Film Festival has been a fixture in the city for almost half a century.

Today we’re having some fun with foreign film. The 47th Annual Chicago International Film Festival starts October 6 and runs through October 20. On today's show, we ask listeners to share foreign films that have had a strong impact on them. Did it take you days to get the haunting beauty of City of God out of your head? Are you still marveling at the massive allegory that is Kusturica’s Underground?

Mimi Plauche, programming director from the Chicago International Film Festival shares her impactful moment in foreign film. We also hear from Chicagoan Prashant Bargava, whose film, Patang, is screening at this year's festival. Plus a few WBEZ staff members share their impactful foreign films. Milos Stehlik, director of Facets Multimedia and Worldview's film contributor, adds his wisdom to the discussion.