Assessing the legality of drug testing in schools

October 6, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Flickr/Micah Baldwin)
Steven Schwinn, from the John Marshall Law School, joined 'Eight Forty-Eight to discuss the legality of drug testing in schools.

There was often a mixed reaction from parents and students to drug testing at schools: proponents saw it as a way to curb or prevent drug use but critics argued that the tests were a violation of privacy. Still, some Illinois schools drug tested students involved in extracurricular activities--including sports.

Recently, School District 95 in Lake Zurich announced that it wanted to do the same; and on Wednesday night the district held a forum to get feedback on the high school’s proposed policy. To discuss the legality of these programs, Eight Forty-Eight was joined by Steven Schwinn from the John Marshall Law School. Eight Forty-Eight also spoke to Wayne Sobczak, president of the board of education at Community High School District 117, which is just south of the Wisconsin border that has been drug testing some of its students for a number of years.