Global Activism: Paddling down the Ganges to fight cervical cancer

October 27, 2011

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(Courtesy of Michele Baldwin)
Michele Baldwin began paddling 700 miles down the Ganges River on October 17.

Thursdays on Global Activism, we hear about an individual who’s trying to make the world a better place.

When diagnosed with a terminal illness, many people switch course. In that respect, forty-five-year-old New Mexico resident Michele Baldwin is no different. When she received her diagnosis of terminal cervical cancer, she too made a change of plans.

But, her new plan is extraordinary. Baldwin, who’s a river guide, decided to embark on a 700-mile journey down the Ganges River in India on a standup paddle board. She’s using the expedition to raise money for the Global Initiative against HPV and Cervical Cancer.

Her voyage began on October 17. She stopped by our studios on Navy Pier before she left.

Michele’s big idea was, in part, inspired by paddling on the Rio Grande.


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