Local composer scores Guy Maddin film

November 14, 2011

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(Photo courtesy of Seth Boustead)
Seth Boustead wrote the score for Guy Maddin's silent short 'The Heart of the World.'

Winnipeg filmmaker Guy Maddin had a number of movies under his belt but his silent short The Heart of the World won him the hearts and minds of many critics and filmgoers. Since it first screened in 2000, the film received many awards and special mentions. However, it never had a score of its own. Maddin borrowed the music from another film; but Chicago composer Seth Boustead changed all that when he reached out to Maddin about scoring the film. Boustead joined Eight Forty-Eight in studio to tell the story.

Seth Boustead will perform his score for Guy Maddin’s, The Heart of the World Monday night at the Chopin Theater. The concert’s a 40th birthday party for Seth.