Occupy movement rewriting lexicon of resistance

December 2, 2011

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(WBEZ/LaCreshia Birts)
An Occupy Chicago protester in the financial district.

The University of Chicago’s Bernard Harcourt has followed the Occupy movement intently. He’s chair of the U of C’s political science department and a professor at the law school. Harcourt participated in one of Occupy Chicago’s early teach-ins at the Board of Trade.

In op-eds for the New York Times and the Guardian, he’s argued that a new kind of resistance called “political disobedience” emerged from Zuccotti Park and other protest sites and that we need a new vocabulary altogether to describe the leaderless movement.

As the street protests winds down, Harcourt explains the significance of his new terminology.


At 3 pm today, Bernard Harcourt will match wits with communist Raymond Lotta in a debate called  “Political Disobedience vs. Revolution: An Exchange and Debate on the Significance and Implications of the Occupy Movement.” The event is held at the School of the Art Institute and sponsored by Occupy Chicago’s Education Committee.