Illinois struggles to improve unemployment figures

December 5, 2011

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National unemployment numbers dropped in November but Illinois' unemployment rate remains in double digits.

November saw a slight dip in national unemployment levels, which dropped from 9 to 8.6 percent. Analysts have been debating whether that change was significant.

However, here in Illinois, the scenario looked a little bleaker: Illinois’ unemployment rate is 10.1 percent.

Job growth seemed to be happening in fits and starts locally: Financial services added 400 jobs here but manufacturing lost 600 there. Then, last week the Illinois House rejected legislation that would provide tax relief to businesses throughout the Prairie State. That legislation was aimed at keeping big companies in Illinois, including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Sears. As more companies rumbled about the situation in Illinois, David Greising joined Eight Forty-Eight for a look at how the state is doing and whether the business scenario is greener elsewhere. Greising is a reporter with the Chicago News Cooperative.

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