Connecting music makers, companies and big-name brands

December 14, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Photo by Geoffrey Adler courtesy of Music Dealers)
Music Dealers John Williamson, far left, and Eric Sheinkop, middle, help connect artists with companies like Coca-Cola.

It used to be that a musician vying to get their music on a commercial or television show was considered by some to be a sellout. But when technology flipped the music industry on its end, the already hard-knock-life of a musician became that much more difficult to navigate; it also made it harder to make a little dough. Now ads, video games and other mediums are considered legit avenues for artists – big and small – to get their work out to fans. So Eight Forty-Eight wondered how musicians reach the ears of someone working on an ad campaign for name-that-corporation. Chicago upstart company Music Dealers built an online platform connecting the two. Eight Forty-Eight recently spoke with two of the founding members of the company:
John Williamson and Eric Sheinkop.

Sheinkop began by distinguishing between what Music Dealers does as opposed to what they consider the old model.

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