The best and worst of Chicago sports in 2011

December 22, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(AP/Kathy Wilens)
The Bears were plagued by injuries this year. Quarterback Jay Cutler was sidelined midseason with a broken thumb.

All week, Eight Forty-Eight revisited the stories that shaped Chicago's culture and community this year. With so many stories occupying the headlines in 2011, it was hard to pick out the key moments. Because moments are brief--but milestones are more like guideposts that give people permission to pause and think. So Thursday, Eight Forty-Eight revisited some of the hallmarks from the last year.

First up, a look back at the year in sports—the highs, the lows; winners and losers--both lovable and not so lovable. Eight Forty-Eight's Alison Cuddy sat down with a pair of fans who regularly join Eight Forty-Eight to talk shop—Cheryl Raye-Stout and ESPN’s Lester Munson.