Global Activism: Clean water brings big changes to village in Kenya

January 5, 2012

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(Courtesy of Small Planet Big Plans)
A young student named Peter Mbarrio gets his first taste of clean water in Mulot.

On this week's Global Activism, Worldview talks to Aliya de Grazia. After graduating high school at 18, she decided to put off attending an honors program at Purdue University. Instead, she headed off to volunteer in rural Kenya so she could, as she says, “give something back.” 

Aliya ended up starting her own organization to help bring clean water to the village of Mulot, the place where she'd been volunteering.  It’s called Small Planet Big Plans. She tells Worldview about the big changes that have come about from a bore hole and clean water.




Watch this video of Aliya's return trip to Mulot after her organization helped bring clean water to the village.  What ensues is an impromptu party.