Ethnic tensions on the rise in South Sudan

January 12, 2012

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(AP/Isaac Billy)
Internally displaced persons move in South Sudan, where cattle raids and attacks on villages are destabilizing the new country.

There were high expectations and a sense of euphoria when South Sudan gained independence from the North last July.  It was a battle hard won after years of fighting.  But in recent months the challenges have added up. In the last few months there have been  reports that clashes between two ethnic groups in South Sudan have led to mass killing.  A massacre in one village left at least 3,000 dead. Tens of thousands were displaced.

Chicagoan Kenneth Elisapana is originally from Southern Sudan. He’s the founder of an organization called South Sudan Voices of Hope for Relief and Development, which runs a number of development projects in the country. He tells Worldview what's behind the recent explosion of violence.