Global Activism: Chicago doctor brings eye care to Haiti

January 26, 2012

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(Courtesy of Dr. Olivier)
Dr. Olivier stands by a ruined building close to her original home in Haiti.
(Courtesy of Dr. Olivier)
Dr. Olivier trains a Haitian opthalmologist, Dr. Marie Carmelle Lucien.
(Courtesy of Dr. Olivier)
Sacre Couer Eye Clinic was restored after the earthquake.
(Courtesy of Dr. Olivier)
Haitian children gather in an orphanage.

On today's Global Activism, we hear from a Haitian American doctor who's trying to change the way eye care is delivered in Haiti. The Caribbean country is still reeling -- politically, economically and emotionally -- from the earthquake that took place in Port au Prince two years ago this month.

Haiti has only 45 trained ophthalmologists in the entire country, making it hard for people to get any quality eye care. A member of the American Academy of Opthalmology's Haiti Task Force, Dr. Mildred Olivier has been seeing patients in Haiti for the past 20 years ago. When she's not in Haiti, she teaches at the Rosalind Franklin Medical School in Chicago.

Dr. Olivier tells Worldview about her bold plans to build eye care clinics in all nine departments of Haiti.


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