Examining the likelihood of a Super Bowl in Chicago

January 31, 2012

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(Flickr/Daniel Hedrick)
In its current configuration, Soldier Field is 8,500 seats shy of the 70,000-seat minimum required to host the Super Bowl.

On Sunday, thousands will descend on the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis to watch the New York Giants and the New England Patriots vie for the NFL's championship title. City officials are bracing for the crowds--and the extra money that will flow through its coffers. It's a big deal and cities are always hoping to be selected to host the football extravaganza. Well, Eight Forty-Eight wondered--what about Chicago? How come the Windy City has yet to host the big game?

Before tackling that question, Eight Forty-Eight checked in with WBEZ's Northwest Indiana reporter Mike Puente who's been reporting on the buzz around the bowl in Indianapolis.

To tackle the Chicago question, Eight Forty-Eight was joined by Sam Stark, executive director of the Chicago Sports Commission, ESPN’s Lester Munson and Marc Ganis, president of Sports Corp Ltd.