Making sense out of a strange winter

February 7, 2012

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(AP/Peter Dejong)
A woman pulls two children over one of Amsterdam's frozen canals.

Chicago is having its warmest winter in 80 years, according to The Sun-Times. Meanwhile, Mexico is mired in drought. Europe is experiencing bone-chilling cold in places where snow doesn't usually even fall. In Ukraine alone, an estimated 122 people are reported dead from hypthermia and frostbite.

Today, Worldview tries to make some sense out of this year's anomalous weather around the world with Heidi Cullen. Heidi's a climatologist with the think tank Climate Central and the author of The Weather of the Future.


Heidi Cullen is giving a talk on "The Future of Weather" at Elmhurst College on Thursday, March 1 at 7PM.