Chicago paleontologist says ancient burial sites in Niger shed light on impact of climate change

February 10, 2012

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(Courtesy of Paul Sereno)
Paleontologist Paul Sereno and his team discovered fossilized remains of more than 200 people in the Niger desert.
(Courtesy of Paul Sereno)
An aerial view of the desolate Green Sahara desert, also called Gobero, in Niger.
(Courtesy of Paul Sereno)
Paul Sereno's expedition team poses with their security personnel during their 2011 expedition.

Paleontologist Paul Sereno is known for digging up dinosaur fossils. Twelve years ago, however, while tracking dinosaur remains in the Sahara desert, his team stumbled upon human bones -- a lot of them.  Sereno couldn’t walk away from the discovery. He put together an international team to make sense of the 200 graves they found in the deserts of Niger. Paul's team recently returned from another expedition to the site and he discusses the findings.