Film ‘The Carrier’ explores HIV/AIDS in Zambia

March 6, 2012

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(Kat Westergaard)
Protagonist Mutinta Mweemba cares for her child amidst an AIDS epidemic in Zambia.

The Carrier is a lyrical film that follows Mutinta Mweemba, a 28-year-old subsistence farmer. Mutinta fell in love with dreams of marriage, children and a better life, but her new husband came with two other wives. Simultaneously, a deadly epidemic new to the area -- a mysterious disease called AIDS -- ravages the remote Zambian village Mutinta calls home. After learning she is both HIV-positive and pregnant, Mutinta sets out to keep her unborn child virus-free and break the cycle of transmission. Worldview talks with Maggie Betts, the film’s writer, producer and director.

Film Screening and Discussion:

Film Row Cinema at Columbia College Chicago, Wednesday, 3/7/12, 6pm.


Trailer for The Carrier: