Chicago's next mayor will need to be an international player

November 11, 2010

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(Getty/Peter Macdiarmid)
Mayor Daley and Aon Corp. founder Pat Ryan spearheaded Chicago's Olympic campaign.

President Obama’s ten-day tour of Asia is an effort to drum up economic opportunities for American businesses and maybe more jobs at home.

Working the international trade circuit has also been a hallmark of Mayor Daley’s tenure. Daley headed abroad to attract foreign investors and pick up nifty ideas for urban living. And though the campaign to bring the Olympic Games to Chicago failed, those efforts did further Chicago’s presence on the international stage.

So how much international mojo is required of our next mayor? And do any of the current declared or still thinking about it candidates have it? To find out, Eight Forty-Eight spoke to Greg Hinz, columnist and blogger for Crain’s Chicago Business.

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