Community Media Summit: What is Community Media?

June 15, 2007

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Richard Somerset-Ward

We gathered to understand and examine the voices and content that make up community media and to imagine and explore the potentials of community media for serving basic human and community needs.  National leaders and practitioners presented exemplary community media projects and compared notes on lessons learned to date and challenges still to face.  A diverse group of community media makers from ethnic and community newspaper publishers to pioneers in the new arts of Internet-based storytelling - as well as nonprofit leaders and technologists, educators, journalists, philanthropists, and public officials all attended. 

The day began with this exciting conversation about the current landscape and future potential of community media.  Opening remarks by Richard Somerset-Ward with a response panel featuring Joel Bookman, Local Initiatives Support Corporation LISC-Chicago; Sandy Close, New American Media; and Tony Streit, Educational Development Corp; moderated by Charles Benton, Benton Foundation.  Benton Foundation was pleased to release their new report, "What's Going on in Community Media?".

As an introduction, conference attenders watched the short video Web 2.0, available here.


Recorded Friday, June 15, 2007 at Columbia College Film Row Cinema.