Dining Out - Steakhouse Panel

October 24, 2009

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This is the last event of the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance Third Annual Symposium "Beef: From Plains to Plate".

Culinary Historian Barbara Kuck speaks on “Great Midwest Steak Houses from Stage Coach Days to Present.”

Chef Hans Aeschbacher presented on “The Steak House Chef's Vital Role in Selecting, Preparing and Serving the Finest Cuts of Beef.”

Bruce Kraig offered closing remarks and announced next year's program: The Great Depression: It's Food and Culture.

Celebrate Midwestern beef foodways by tracing the historic odyssey of all-American meat from the windswept plains of the heartland to meat processors in "cities on the make," like Chicago, where it was packed, wrapped and sent to dinner plates around the globe. Join the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance (GMFA) on that journey Beef: From Plains to the Plate – Follow the Cattlemen's Trail to Savory Midwest Beef Traditions.


Recorded Saturday, October 24, 2009 at Kendall College.