The Dueling Critics take a road trip

October 29, 2010

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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26 Miles
'26 Miles' at Teatro Vista. (Suzanne Plunkett)

The road trip is a familiar formula in novels and films – On the Road, Thelma and Louise, It Happened One Night. But what about the theater?

Our itinerary for this week's dueling critics involves a mother and daughter duo: Beatriz and Olivia. Olivia’s lived with her dad for the past eight years.

But when the two are suddenly brought back together, Beatriz hopes that jumping in the car and heading west will bring the pair closer together.

Sandra Marquez plays Beatriz and Ashley Neal is Olivia in 26 Miles.

Their theatrical journey is a co-production of Teatro Vista and Rivendell Theatre Ensemble.

Eight Forty-Eight's favorite roadies - Kelly Kleiman and Jonathan Abarbanel- tell us if the gas tank is full, or if this play is running on fumes.

26 Miles is playing at Chicago Dramatists through November 21.