Dueling critics take on Strawdog’s 'State of the Union'

October 15, 2010

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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Photo by Chris Ocken.
Kendra Thulin (Mary Matthews), Anderson Lawfer (Spike) and Michael Dailey (Grant Matthews).

There are plenty of American plays with political theme but not many of them are about the actual game of politics. That might seem odd given that we all know political campaigns have the potential to offer up the drama. 

And here in Chicago, politics usually istheater! So when we heard about a production that pulls back the curtain on the political process– we said bring it! And our Dueling Critics complied. State of the Union won the Pulitzer in 1946. Just in time for the mid-term elections, it’s being revived by Strawdog Theatre

To give us their vote are Eight Forty-Eight's favorite rivals, Jonathan Abarbanel and Kelly Kleiman. State of the Union is at Strawdog Theatre on the Northside, through November 13.