The Executor: A Comedy of Letters / Die Turiner Komödie: Bericht eines Nachlassverwalters

February 7, 2008

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Following the sudden death of his best friend, the narrator of The Executor is called to Turin to resolve the will and literary estate of this famous writer and professor. It is a considerable undertaking, as Rudolf had amassed not only a rather extensive collection of house pets (a goose, several ducks, tortoises, and a peacock; to say nothing of Caesar, the old dog), but also a voluminous library of books and research materials. Somewhere under this mountain of papers lies Rudolf's magnum opus…

Michael Kruger has entertained a successful career as a poet and novelist, paralleled by his long and distinguished record as head of the German publishing house Hanser Verlag and editor of the influential journal Akzente. He recently received the Mörike Prize, one of Germany's most prestigious awards, in recognition of his contribution to both sides of the trade.  English translation by John A. Hargraves; English-language reading with actor Richard Henzel.



Recorded Thursday, February 07, 2008 at Goethe-Institut Chicago.