Exploring the Wild Mushroom ... Myths, Flavors and Facts

August 2, 2008

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Listen in as the Illinois Mycological Association and the Chicago Foodways Roundtable come together for the cooking of seasonal mushroom dishes with Joe McFarland, Illinois outdoor writer and photographer and author of the upcoming book Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois.  The book features original recipes from some of the best restaurants in Illinois, including Charlie Trotter's, Tru and Vie. McFarland and co-author Gregory M. Mueller of Chicago's Field Museum are also creators of the new Web site illinoismushrooms.com, which features, among other treats, a sampling of recipes from their upcoming book.

Joe McFarland works for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources writing for Outdoor Illinois magazine.  Joe has written Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois and Surrounding States which will be published by University of Illinois Press in 2009.  Based in Carbondale, Joe has the distinction of collecting the first morel annually in Illinois for years.


Recorded Saturday, August 02, 2008 at Kendall College.