Family immigration drama inspires documentary film

October 22, 2010

Produced by Worldview

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(Courtesy of Tony and Janina's American Wedding/Facebook)
Tony and Janina at St. James Church in Chicago days before Janina's deportation to Poland

In the late 1980s, Tony Wasilewski met his wife Janina in Chicago after they both left communist Poland. They had a son together and the three of them lived in suburban Schiller Park until 2007, when Janina was deported. After 18 years in the U.S., Janina was forced to leave her family behind and return to Poland. Director Ruth Leitman made a film about the Wasilewskis' experience called 'Tony and Janina’s American Wedding.' Ruth Leitman and Tony Wasilewski join us.  

TONY & JANINA'S AMERICAN WEDDING- Trailer- Directed by Ruth Leitman from Ruth Leitman on Vimeo.

 'Tony and Janina’s American Wedding' is screening tonight and October 27 at the Gene Siskel Film Center. WTTW will also air the film next month.