Father of the “Liberation Theology” Movement

August 25, 2010

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Roman Catholic Priest Gustavo Gutierrez is widely known as the Founder of “Liberation Theology”, a vision of Christianity that advocates a “preferential option for the poor.” His book, A Theology of Liberation, originally published in 1971, teaches that Christians have a duty to stand with the poor against structural oppression.

For many years Father Gutierrez worked as a parish priest in the slums of his native Peru. Now 82 years old, he teaches theology, dividing his time between the University of Notre Dame and the Pontifical University of Lima, Peru.

Most recently, the Dominican Order awarded Father Gutierrez the Degree of Master of Sacred Theology, an honorary degree reserved for the most eminent theologians.

Doug Cassel, Director of the Center for Civil and Human Rights at Notre Dame Law School and Worldview Human Rights Contributor talks with Father Gutierrez as he received the Niebuhr Medal from Elmhurst College.

Special thanks to Victor Montañez and Adriana Gallardo for interpreting the remarks of Father Gutierrez.