Global Activism: Walking in Solidarity with Uganda’s “Night Commuters”

April 13, 2006

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Adrian Bradbury—Co-Founder, Guluwalk; Founder of Athletes for Africa

Civil war has plagued Northern Uganda for 20 years. Children pay the heaviest price. More than 25,000 have been abducted by the rebel-led Lords Resistance Army. To avoid becoming child soldiers, sexual slaves, or porters, as many as 40,000 children have walked up to 20 km every night to sleep somewhere safe—in schools, hospitals, or NGO compounds. Last year two Canadians wanted to better understand and raise awareness of the plight of these night commuters. For a month they walked 12 km every night and slept outside in front of city hall in Toronto. Since then night commute simulations have taken place in many cities around the world and have been raising money to improve the situation in Northern Uganda.