Global Notes: Persian “Pavarotti” Comes to Chicago.

May 19, 2010

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Mohammad Reza Shajarian holds a traditional Persian string instrument
Radio M host Tony Sarabia joins Jerome for another edition of Global Notes, Worldview's weekly look at what's happening in the world of music. Also with us is Worldview's regular voice on all things Iran, Nari Safavi. Nari is a board member of the National Iranian-American Council and president Pasfarda Art and Cultural Exchange.

Today we're talking about Mohammad Reza Shajarian. His Persian classical singing has earned him two Grammy nominations, and he was recently selected by NPR as one of the world's fifty best vocalists.

You can catch him at 8:30 PM 5/20 at the Copernicus Concert Hall on Chicago's Northwest Side. Shajarian will perform with the Shahnaz Ensemble, a 17-piece band.