Inspector General Joe Ferguson tasked with stamping out Chicago corruption

January 31, 2011

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
Inspector General Joe Ferguson spoke with 'Eight Forty-Eight' host Alison Cuddy about stamping out corruption in Chicago.

In Illinois, tracking the trail of corruption through politics is practically a sport. At the city level alone, Chicagoans have seen numerous scandals, involving patronage hiring, fraud and bribery. On this Mayor Monday, Eight Forty-Eight aimed to learn more about corruption under Mayor Daley’s tenure – and what the next mayor faces in managing the corruption capital of America.

Eight Forty-Eight spoke to a man with what sounds like a monumental job -- monitoring and hopefully ending corruption. Joe Ferguson was named city Inspector General by Mayor Daley in 2009 which means he watches over the very man who appointed him to office. Inspector General Joe Ferguson joined host Alison Cuddy to explain how his office works to keep City Hall honest.

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