Life in Cuba 50 Years After the Revolution

December 16, 2009

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A man walks in Old Havana as the streets are being prepared for the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution. Photo by: AP.
It's been 50 years since Fidel Castro transformed the island of Cuba into a communist state. Writer Achy Obejas says the revolution has proven to be remarkably durable. So to give us a peek inside Cuba today, Obejas recently edited a special edition of In These Times magazine, “Inside Cuba: Voices from the Island.” It features articles and essays that explore everyday life in Cuba, media censorship, Raúl Castro's rule, the gay rights movement in Cuba, and even a history of Cuban rock and roll. Obejas and her family fled the island in 1963. Achy Obejas is live with nus in the studio to talk about life in Cuba today.