Mexico: Drug War Killings in Monterrey

July 23, 2010

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Friends and colleagues at funeral of slain gubernatorial candidate Rodolfo Torre of Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in June, 2010. Torre is the suspected victim drug hitmen. REUTERS/Stringer
Monterrey is Mexico's richest city. It's known for its high-rises flourishing industries. In 2002, former President George Bush called Monterrey a “model for poor countries.” But now things have changed.

Due to an alarming increase of violence dozens of factories in and around Monterrey have frozen investment. A battle between rival drug cartels, and President Phillipe Calderon's “war on drugs”, has combined to kill some 290 people in the area this year.

Laura Carlsen is Director of the Americas Program for the Center for International Policy. And she's based in Mexico City.