Museum of Science and Industry resident moves out

November 17, 2010

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
The Museum of Science and Industry's Month in the Museum winner Kate McGroarty.
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
When McGroarty needs some peace and quiet, she posts a sign for museum visitors.
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
McGroarty's living room is in the heart of the the Museum of Science and Industry.
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
Museum visitors can't miss McGroarty; she's everywhere!
(WBEZ/Katie O'Brien)
McGroarty is something of a media pro after a month in the spotlight, here with WBEZ's Carrie Shepherd and Alison Cuddy.

It can be tough to find a nice apartment in this city. So imagine finding one spanning 14 acres with a big submarine out front. That’s where Chicagoan Kate McGroarty landed.

The Museum of Science Industry invited her in last month as the winner of its contest Month at the Museum. Out of a sea of 1,500 applicants, McGroarty was the lucky winner. In addition to free roam of the museum, she won $10,000.

Her stay ends Thursday so Eight Forty-Eight's Alison Cuddy joined McGroarty in her plexiglass cube to get a sense of what her life there has been like.