Musician Carl Hauck's ode to Middle-American suburbia

November 10, 2010

Produced by Eight Forty-Eight

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Carl Hauck. (Photo by Phil Hauck)

Musician Carl Hauck is deep into the world of language. By day, the 23 year old is a high school English teacher in suburban Grayslake. On his off time, he focuses on his singing and songwriting. Then he finds the melody to keep company with the “sonnets, prose and charming odes to unrelated scribble” as he puts it. Hauck has just released his fourth album, Windjammer. He stopped by to share some of his songs and the stories behind them. He began with the song about “unrelated scribbles”. It's called "Martial Riesling."

Carl Hauck performs Wednesday night at 8 at Martyrs'