'National Opt-Out Day' organizer says 'We won't fly'

November 24, 2010

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(Getty/Tim Boyle)
A Transportation Security Administration worker pats down a traveler at O'Hare International Airport.

James Babb is the co-founder of wewontfly.com.  His is one of many grassroots organizations popping up around the country in protest of full-body scanning at airports. Wednesday has been dubbed "National Opt-Out Day" in protest of the new screening methods.

Babb says that under other circumstances, the enhanced procedures might be considered sexual assault.  He hopes to highlight the privacy and health dangers of the scanners by calling on travelers to "opt-out" of the scanners.  However, when a passenger exercises their right to forego a scan, they must submit to a pat-down by a TSA employee of the same sex.  Factoring in estimates by the TSA, it would take a total of around 15 minutes to put 100 people through a body scan — but at least 6 hours to pat down the same number of travelers.

Eight Forty-Eight spoke with Babb about the opt-out and his objection to the alleged intrusion of privacy.

TSA Administrator John Pistole detailed the new pat-down procedures in a public service announcement from the agency.