Nicaraguan Presidential Elections: Prospects for the Region

January 16, 2007

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From the Center for Latin American Studies' Latin American Briefing Series, Alejandro Bendaa is the Director of the Centro de Estudios Internacionales in Nicaragua; Michel Gobat is Professor of History at Iowa University; and Rose Spalding is Professor of Political Science at DePaul University.
The CLAS Latin American Briefing Series brings academic and policy experts to the University of Chicago campus to address important events and issues in contemporary Latin America. The series is supported in part by a Department of Education National Resource Center grant to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign/University of Chicago Consortium for Latin American Studies, and is co-sponsored by the International House Global Voices Program. © 2007, The University of Chicago
Recorded Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at International House.