Pathoselections: Listen and Feel

July 2, 2007

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Dan S. Wang

As a return of the long dormant Selections series, Dan S. Wang plays songs having to do with politics and feelings, including feelings of Anxiety, Depression, Apathy, Impatience, Irritation, Sorrow, Paranoia, Righteousness, Confusion, Inspiration, Ecstasy, and maybe even a little Outrage. 

This is a listening party/presentation of recorded music, played from a variety of media but mostely LPs.  Some are well-known, but a few come across as utterly obscure. A free pamphlet text assembled to accompany the event is available here.

Dan S. Wang's “PathoSelections” is PART of the programming of “Pathogeographies… or, other people's baggage,” organized by Feeltank Chicago and Gallery 400.


Recorded Monday, July 02, 2007 at Hyde Park Art Center.