Revisiting a conversation with Temple Grandin after a golden moment

January 18, 2011

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(AP/Chris Pizzello)
Actress Claire Danes won a Golden Globe Sunday for her portrayal of scientist and professor Temple Grandin.

Many folks tune in to the Golden Globes for clues about which stars will scoop up Oscars. But there are other winners too – like Claire Danes, for her portrayal of Temple Grandin in an HBO biopic. Grandin is a research scientist with a gift for working with animals. She also has autism; her mind works by translating images into concepts and generalities. Grandin thinks the animal mind works in a similar way. So she’s dedicated her life’s work to improving the welfare and treatment of livestock.

Host Alison Cuddy sat down with her in 2010 before the biopic debuted. She began by saying how impressed she was with Danes’ performance.