A Screening and Discussion of Fahrenheit 451 with Ray Bradbury

July 10, 2010

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Bradbury biographer Sam Weller and film critic/historian Jonathan Rosenbaum interview Ray Bradbury from his home in Los Angeles via Skype, and discuss François Truffaut's Fahrenheit 451, following a screening at the Gene Siskel Film Center. This screening celebrates the release of Listen to the Echoes: The Ray Bradbury Interviews by Weller.

Listen to the Echoes is a definitive collection of interviews with one of America's most famous writers, covering Ray Bradbury's life, faith, friends, politics, and visions of the future. Acclaimed biographer and Bradbury scholar Sam Weller spent more than a decade interviewing the author; the fascinating conversations that emerge cast a high-definition portrait of a creative genius and futurist who longs for yesterday.


Recorded Saturday, July 10, 2010 at Gene Siskel Film Center.