Studio Myths Artists Panel: Nikhil Chopra, John Neff, and Amanda Ross-Ho

February 6, 2010

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Amanda Ross-Ho, Frauds for an Inside Job, 2008. Photo by Robert Wedemeyer.

Transformation, mediation, gesture, embodiment. The artist is both performer and observer in the studio, and the protagonist of the myths that surround this space. Three artists in the MCA exhibition Production Site: The Artist's Studio Inside-Out, discuss their own works in the show, using them as a springboards for reflecting on the creative acts of the studio.

This program is made possible by The Gloria Brackstone Solow and Eugene A. Solow, MD, Memorial Lecture Series. Supported in part by Emerge, a donor affinity group that supports the education, exhibition, and acquisition programs of the MCA.


Recorded Saturday, February 06, 2010 at Museum of Contemporary Art.