Understanding Canada's internment of Ukrainians during WWI

December 17, 2010

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(Courtesy of Ukranian Canadian Civil Liberties Association)
The Canadian government interned Ukranian women and children at Spirit Lake in Quebec.

Today, many know that during World War II, President Roosevelt signed an executive order that sent 120,000 Japanese-Americans to internment camps across the country. Fewer recall the internment of thousands of Ukrainians, Germans, Gypsies and other Eastern Europeans by the Canadian government during and after World War I.

Lubomyr Luciuk is a professor of politics and economics at the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario and the director of research for the Ukrainian Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Lubomyr’s current project is the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund. The fund was established to support educational, scholarly and cultural projects that teach Canadians about this dark episode of history.