The Weekly Guide: A Reinvention for Fall

October 1, 2010

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Marcus Gilmer shares his weekend picks.

The cooler weather provides a perfect opportunity for some reflection – even a bit of reinvention. Maybe that means you'll adopt a new style, a new city – or in this economy – a new job. That's where our Weekly Guide guest this week finds himself. Today Marcus Gilmer leaves his gig as Editor of Chicagoist for a new job as Associate Editor of The Onion AV Club. This means he has to pull his head out of news and politics and dive right in to all things pop culture. In preparation for this transformation, he's got an action packed weekend to tell us about. We're calling it his re-invention tour.

Marcus' Picks:
The Eels at The Metro
Louis C.K.: Word at the Chicago Theatre
Neo-Futurists: Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind
Bettye LaVette at Old Town School of Folk Music