Worldview takes guided tour of Chicago’s ethnic bars

December 30, 2010

Produced by Maham Khan and Icoi Johnson

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(Maham Khan)
This symbolic photo hangs in The Fifth Province, a bar in The Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago.
(Maham Khan)
Food, drink and hospitality are still traditionally German in Chicago's Laschet's Inn.
(Maham Khan)
Laschet's Inn serves as a weekly meeting place for the ethnically diverse "Beer Club For Men."
(Maham Khan)
The Badauskus brothers run Bernice's Tavern, a Lithuanian bar that has seen its patronage change over 45 years.
(Maham Khan)
The Irish Fifth Province represents how the drink remains the same, but the role of saloons has changed for immigants.

Chicago has a rich bar culture. And it’s been that way since the early 20th century, when the saloon played an important role for immigrants trying to adjust to American life.

Bill Savage teaches Chicago literature and history at Northwestern University during the day. At night, he’s a bartender on the North Side.
Bill recently took Worldview’s Maham Khan on a tour of some of Chicago’s storied ethnic watering holes. They began at a tavern in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood.