Young pros: Leadership in Chicago sports

January 14, 2011

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Quarterback Jay Cutler is criticized for his a lack-luster personality.
(Getty/Jonathan Daniel)
Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose is an established team leader, just two years into his professional career.
(Getty/Dave Sanford)
Young guns Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane lead the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Chicago Bears will play the Seattle Seahawks Sunday for a shot at the NFC Championship. Last time they met, the Bears lost to the Seahawks and it’s been four years since the Bears won a playoff game. But the odds seem to favor Jay Cutler and the boys. Although, Cutler has never been in an NFL playoff and in recent days, there have been a few some unkind words about his personality and leadership.

Will the behind-the-scene dynamics of this team play a factor in Sunday’s game? And what about some of Chicago's other young teams –how are these winning teams coming together behind the scenes?

There’s only one reporter in this town that gets up-close-and-personal enough to answer those questions, "Eight Forty-Eight's" sports contributor Cheryl Raye-Stout.

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