Youth sports organization brings hope and shelter to Haitians

November 30, 2010

Produced by Worldview

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(Photo courtesy of L'Athletique d'Haiti)
Since the earthquake, thousands of Haitians have found shelter on the fields of Athletics of Haiti (L'Athletique d'Haiti).

Boby Duval is a Haitian native with an interesting and varied career. During the 1970s he made a name for himself playing soccer and basketball. Later, he became an outspoken defender of human rights.

Now, he’s best known for his youth sports organization Athletics of Haiti. It originally sprang his desire to find a soccer club for his son.

Since its founding in the 1990s, the organization has grown to include five sports facilities for kids around the country. Some have gone on to play for Haiti’s national soccer team and for clubs in Europe.

After the earthquake, Duval says his fields became home for thousands of displaced Haitians.