From Brazil with Groove

November 5, 2010

phot Courtesy of Ariel Martini
Luisa Maita in concert

Brazilian artist Luisa Maita began singing at a very uoung age, having grown up in a musical family. She recorded an advertising jingle when she was 7 years old.

But it wasn't until this year that she released her solo debut titled Lero Lero. The album is a reflection of her roots: samba and bossa nova, as well as her love of Bilie Holiday, Chet Baker, funk, and down tempo electronica.

This week on Radio M Tony Sarabia talks with Maita about the role her father plays in her musical life and how her Jewish roots find their way into her sound.


Also, Peruvian psychedelia, reworked Cesaria Evora, Ghanaian funk and Chinese acoustic indie.