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'Eight Forty-Eight' talks Chicago Fire soccer with coach Frank Klopas.

Oct. 10, 2011

Last week Chicago’s Inspector General issued a report suggesting that After School Matters benefited disproportionately from former Chicago first lady Maggie Daley’s connections to city government. Eight Forty-Eight asks Dick Simpson, political science professor and former alderman, whether clout is always a bad means to an end. Also, After School Matters provides apprenticeships to some of Chicago’s neediest students. The teens learn advanced skills in the arts, sciences or sports— but they also get paid. WBEZ’s Linda Lutton reports that pay is being slashed. As a preview of WBEZ's series, Out of the Shadows, Eight Forty-Eight hears what Julian and his mother Gloria have gone through during his struggle with bipolar disorder. Then, Emmy award-winning journalist Allison Payne left WGN earlier this year; Eight Forty-Eight sits down with Payne to talk about her career in Chicago. And Chicagoan Brenda A. Russell shares her unique and surprising experience running a marathon in Finland. The Chicago Fire are in the finals for the U.S. Open Cup: Eight Forty-Eight's Jason Marck speaks with coach Frank Klopas.