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'Eight Forty-Eight' looks back at the November headlines, most notably, the death Maggie Daley.

Nov. 30, 2011

Eight Forty-Eight reviewed the news of November with Windy City Times publisher and editor Tracy Baim, NBC 5 political reporter Mary Ann Ahern and David Greising of the Chicago News Cooperative. Then, for Changing Gears, Kate Davidson reported on one of the best examples of the changing industrial Midwest, the site of the old Fisher Body 1 plant in Flint, Michigan. It was closed, reborn and finally abandoned after General Motors went bankrupt. Now, its new occupants don't make cars—they sell expensive prescription drugs. Then, Front and Center continued its look at how Canadian workers are faring compared to their American counterparts. And Eight Forty-Eight took a closer look at the public-private partnership model for retraining low-skill workers; the University of Chicago's Elizabeth Weigensberg talks about retraining programs in the Chicago area that help unemployed, low-skill workers find jobs.