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(WBEZ/Linda Lutton)
Chicago Public Schools new phase-outs of two Chicago high schools would affect 950 students Wednesday.

Dec. 01, 2011

Chicago Public Schools announced plans Wednesday to close underperforming schools as part of its district reorganization efforts; Sarah Karp from Catalyst-Chicago joined Eight Forty-Eight to talk about the named schools and latest education news. Then, the number of pawn licenses in Illinois is up. To some, pawn shops fit well in a diverse, urban economy, but other residents push back--they say this kind of retail is just not smart. WBEZ’s Natalie Moore looks at whether communities should be concerned. Plus, WBEZ’s Chip Mitchell reports for Front and Center on ways of attracting immigrants to the Great Lakes region. And, Katreese Barnes, musical director of The Rosie Show, shares her ideas for the weekend in the latest installment of The Weekly Guide.