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(WBEZ/Bill Healy)
As part of 'Auburn Gresham, Chicago' series, neighborhood native and journalist Terrence Chappell is profiled.

Dec. 13, 2011

A new crop of grocery stores has been popping up in Chicago--a Wal-Mart Express in Lakeview and talks of a Mariano’s Fresh Market in Ravenswood. Eight Forty-Eight spoke with the Chicago News Cooperative’s David Greising about the economics behind the stores and how they could affect the neighborhoods where they'll reside. Then Auburn Gresham, Chicago, WBEZ's series presenting pictures and personal stories from Chicago’s Southwest Side, continued. Producer Bill Healy introduced Terrence Chappell, a young journalist who covers Chicago nightlife for ChicagoPride.com. Plus, a new report shines light on parts of the juvenile justice system that have never been subject to public review--and the view is not pretty. WBEZ’s Robert Wildeboer spoke with the commission's chair, retired judge George Timberlake, about the report. And, as the Old Town School of Folk Music was putting the finishing touches on a brand new $18-million building in Lincoln Square, Eight Forty-Eight toured the new space with the organization’s executive director, Bau Graves.