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With a longer school day, CPS teachers look for ways to use the extra class time to most benefit their students.

Jan. 27, 2012

The Jane Addams Hull House Association plans to close its doors Friday because of financial problems. Eight Forty-Eight talked with chairman of the board, Stephen Saunders, about what happened and what is next for the organization. Then, three Chicago Public School teachers and a suburban teacher from South Beloit, Illinois joined the show to discuss how a school day's length affects a teacher's work. Plus, Filmspotting’s Josh Larsen and WBEZ’s Alison Cuddy joined Eight Forty-Eight to talk about some of their favorite powerful female characters on the silver screen. And, bartender and cocktail wizard Paul McGee of The Whistler told listeners how he spends his time away from the bar in the latest installment of The Weekly Guide.