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'Eight Forty-Eight' takes a look at soccer in Chicago through the eyes of a British soccer fan.

Jul. 27, 2011

The first TechWeek–-an expo for Chicago startup--wrapped up its exposition portion earlier this week. The Chicago Tribune’s business reporter Wailin Wong gives Eight Forty-Eight an overview of the event. The Changing Gears road trip sent reporter Kate Davidson to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where North America’s biggest iron ore supplier has been blasting the earth-- and creating jobs -- for more than 160 years. Then, WBEZ’s resident Brit, Mike Wilson, shares his experience watching soccer in Chicago. And all veterans face challanges readjusting to civilian life but female veterans may have a harder time than many of their male counterparts: Eight Forty-Eight speaks with Larkin Ray Harris about an upcoming employment study of female veterans in Chicago and a female veteran shares her experience in Iraq and the challenges she faced coming back home.